What is 'Chiropractic'?

The word "chiropractic" is Greek, and means "done by hand". Chiropractic involves locating misaligned or dysfunctional spinal joints, and restoring normal function. The restoration of normal function relieves pressure or irritation from delicate nerves that exit from the spine, allowing vital information to flow throughout the body. Misalignment/dysfunction causing nerve interference is called a vertebral subluxation (a specific chiropractic term). Vertebral Subluxations are caused by stressors in your life. These are physical, chemical or emotional forces in your environment that have an impact on how your body functions.


By hand, it is called an adjustment. An adjustment is a safe, gentle and effective force applied to spinal joints by hand, in a specific direction to restore normal joint function, spinal movement, and remove nerve interference, therefore improving communication..


Chiropractors focus on wellness and health, rather than the treatment of conditions or illness. Chiropractic does not claim to cure anything, but by restoring vital information pathways, promotes the body's inbuilt healing ability. By removing nerve interference restoring balance, and enhancing the body’s natural responses, many symptoms and conditions improve, or disappear completely.

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