Our Procedures

What To Expect

1st Visit (Pre Care / Orientation)

Many people who come to see us have never seen a chiropractor before. They usually present to us with some sort of problem, or symptoms. We will explain chiropractic, the spine and nerve system. We will ask about your goals and outcomes from care, and then check your spine to see how Chiropractic can help you. Once you have decided whether Chiropractic is right for you, we can schedule your initial consultation.

Booking is essential. Please allow 30 minutes.

2nd Visit (Initial Consultation)

The first part of the process is to gather information. A thorough, confidential case history is discussed, to accurately assess your current condition, previous accidents and injuries, lifestyle factors, and to screen for any relevant safety issues.

The next step is the physical exam, to more specifically evaluate general movement, spine, nerve system, stress and score your overall level of function as a percent. What's your number?

We take a series of postural photos which allow us to accurately measure postural alterations.

We will scan your feet to determine whether orthotic footbeds might help to stabililse your spine.

At this time it will be determined whether x-rays are required, depending on the information gathered.

Please allow 45 minutes

3rd visit (Report of Findings / First Adjustment)

We will explain the results from the physical exam, postural analysis, and foot scan and continue your chiropractic education. We will begin the process of restoring your awesome function, by performing a series of Chiropractic spinal adjustments. We will design a plan of care specifically for you, tailored to your specific goals and outcomes.

Please allow approximately 30 minutes

Regular visits

We understand that your time is valuable. We will endeavour to see you on time. On each visit we continue the process of unwinding your spine and nerve system, reducing built up stress, improving communication and restoring function.

Progress exam

Following your initial intensive phase of care. Progress exams allow us to objectively record improvements, and to decide on the next phase of your care plan. We will go through all of the tests we performed during your initial exam, and take more postural photos for our computer analysis. We will report on the findings of your progress exam at your next regular visit, including your new number!!

Please allow 30 minutes


If it has been more than 18 months since your last appointment, we will need to update our records and perform a reactivation visit before continuing your care. We will update your history, perform a full physical exam and take postural photos for our computer analysis.

Please allow 30 minutes

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