Wellness Care

How many times do I need to come back?

This depends on the benefits you expect to receive from chiropractic care. By the time you reach us you may have had a problem for many years, in some cases since birth. Each visit builds on the one before; so that the longer you are under chiropractic care the better your body will function.

To receive the maximum benefit, it is important to follow the care plan designed for you. If you need to change an appointment, please call and let us know, so that we can reschedule it for you.

The initial, intensive course of care is designed to begin the process of restoring function and relieving your symptoms (relief care). After 12 visits we will perform a progress exam. The next phase of care is designed to continue the work of stabilising your spine, allowing you to hold your adjustments for longer and increase the time between adjustments (corrective care).

The third phase of care is what we call wellness or maintenance care. Once your body is functioning well, it is easy to maintain that function, by receiving a "Tune Up". The frequency of your regular visits is determined by the amount and types of stress you encounter in your daily life.

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